Administrative Goal in 2004

I.Administrative Goal in 2004

The Administrative goals of Water resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA)in 2004 included the following:
•Strengthening flood control and drainage function.
•Enhancing water resources utilization efficiency.
•Promoting river basin comprehensive planning and regulations.
•Consolidating flood/drought prevention warning system.
•Reinforcing management of river surroundings.
•Safeguarding ecological river development, water resources development and management.
•Establishing water supply moderation mechanism.
•Ensuring stable quality and quantity of water supply for domestic and industrial water demands.
•Promoting cost effective reasonable water price and water conservation.
•Promoting cost effective water expense and conservation with reasonable water price.
•Reinforcing dredging and management of reservoir.
•Reinforcing efficient use and management of ground water resources.
•Implementing land subsidence prevention and reclamation measures.

Last Updated: 2012-02-03