Key Operations

Water Resources Development and Allocation

Water resources planning

  • Formulation of water resources management plans and regional water resources programs
  • Review and supervision of the survey and planning of water resources distribution and development projects
  • Formulation of supervision procedures and specifications on water resources planning and operations
  • Impact assessment of water resources development on the environment, with preparation and implementation of water resources plans

Water resources development

  • Review, supervision, and implementation of water resources development plans
  • Allocation, distribution, adjustment, and control of annual budget for water resources development
  • Review of water resources development engineering design principles
  • Establishment of water resources engineering design specification

Safety maintenance of water resources facilities and water supply engineering works
  • Review, preparation, and supervision of water supply engineering investment or subsidy plans
  • Management, distribution, and audit of funds for water resources operations
  • Assistance in implementation of irrigation operations
  • Preparation, implementation, and supervision of inspection plans for reservoir preparedness
  • Implementation and review of hydraulic structure inspection and safety assessment

Water resources management
  • Statistics, analysis, and total quality control for each water consumption purpose
  • Planning, development, review, supervision, and implementation of reservoir operation and management
  • Supervision of reivew, announcement, utilization, and management of reservoir storage area
  • Review, tracking, and examination of water utilization proposals
  • Survey, analysis, distribution, and coordination of current water resources utilization including conflict management of water consumption issues

Second Baoshan Reservoir
Second Baoshan Reservoir

Penghu Desalination Plant
Penghu Desalination Plant

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