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Affiliated AgenciesLocation and Jurisdiction
1st River Management OfficeYilan City
River(s):Lanyang and Heping Rivers
Coast(s):Yilan County ,part of New Taipei city and Matsu coasts
2nd River Management OfficeHsinchu City
River(s):Fengshan, Touqian, Zhonggang, and Houlong Rivers
Coast(s):Taoyuan County, Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County, and part of Miaoli County coasts
3rd River Management OfficeTaichung City
River(s):Daan, Dajia, and Wu Rivers
Coast(s):Part of Miaoli County and Taichung City coasts
4th River Management OfficeChanghua County
River(s):Zhuoshui River
Coast(s):Changhua County coast
5th River Management OfficeChiayi City
River(s):Beigang, Pozi, Bazhang, and Jishui Rivers
Coast(s):Yunlin County,Chiayi County and part of Tainan City coasts
6th River Management OfficeKaohsiung City
River(s):Zengwen, Yanshui, Erren, and Agongdian Rivers
Coast(s):Part of Tainan City, Kaohsiung City coasts
7th River Management OfficePingtung City
River(s):Gaoping, Donggang, and Sizhong
Rivers Coast(s):Pingtung County and Penghu County coasts
8th River Management OfficeTaitung County
River(s):Beinan River
Coast(s):Taitung County ,Kinmen County ,Lienchiang County coasts
9th River Management OfficeHualien County
River(s):Xiuguluan and Hualian Rivers
Coast(s):Hualien County coast
10th River Management OfficeNew Taipei City
River(s):Tamsui and Huang Rivers
Coast(s):Part of New Taipei City and Keelung City coast
Northern Region Water Resources OfficeTaoyuan County
Jurisdiction:From the northern border of Hsinchu County up to Yilan and Hualien Counties in the east
Major Reservoirs, Dams, and Weirs:Shihmen, Xinshan, Baoshan, Second Baoshan,Dapu Reservoirs, and Longen Weir
Central Region Water Resources OfficeTaichung City
Jurisdiction:From the southern border of Miaoli County up to northern border of Yunlin County
Major Reservoirs, Dams, and Weirs:Yunghoshan , Mingde, Guguan, Deji, Liyutan, Wushe, Sun Moon Lake, Minghu, Mingtan Reservoirs, Shihgang Dam, and Jiji Weir
Southern Region Water Resources OfficeTainan City, Kaohsiung City
Jurisdiction:From southern border of Chiayi County down to Pingtung and Taitung Counties in the east, and Penghu County
Major Reservoirs, Dams, and Weirs:Renytan, Lantan, Baihe, Jienshanpei, Nanhua, Wushantou, Zengwen, Mudan, Agongdian, and Fengshan Reservoirs, Gaoping River Weir, and Jiaxian Weir
Taipei Watersh Management OfficeNew Taipei City
Jurisdiction:Chingtan water source, quality and quantity reservation area of the Hsintien River
Major Reservoirs, Dams, and Weirs:Feicui Reservoir
Water Resources Planning InstituteTaichung City Jurisdiction:Investigation, planning,research and analysis of water resources engineering projects