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U.S. Project 2049 Institute delegation visits MOEA(Source:MOEA)2017-03-23
Statistical News: Export Orders up 22.0% in February 2017(Source:MOEA)2017-03-21
Strengthen Energy-Saving Capacity, Governments and Schools Aim to Achieve the 2019 Target of Increasing Electricity Usage Efficiency by 4%(Source:MOEA)2017-03-21
Taiwan FDI Statistics Summary Analysis (February 2017)(Source:MOEA)2017-03-20
MOEA’s Traditional Industry Southern Corps Assists in Establishing an Aviation Industrial Alliance, Constructing Aviation Supply Chain System, and Seizing Business Opportunities for Manufacturing Aircrafts Domestically(Source:MOEA)2017-03-16
Nanzi Export Processing Zone (NEPZ) will host employment recruitment on 17th March 2017 and enterprises offer over 412 job opportunities.(Source:MOEA)2017-03-16
Announces the reexamination results of abnormal labeling cases found in MOEA joint inspection.( May 2010 to Feb. 2017)(Source:MOEA)2017-03-16
Netherlands rep outlines circular economy vision(Source:MOEA)2017-03-15
French senators visit MOEA Deputy Minister(Source:MOEA)2017-03-15
Taiwan, Netherlands hold Annual Economic Dialogue Midterm Review Meeting(Source:MOEA)2017-03-15
Tusk appointed to second term as EC president(Source:MOEA)2017-03-14
Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) will host employment recruitment on 15th March 2017 and enterprises offer over 162 job opportunities.(Source:MOEA)2017-03-14
Energy-saving innovation for water-ware products.(Source:MOEA)2017-03-10
Statistics of the Central Region Office ,MOEA for number of cases of the company name and business scope pre-screening application (February, 2017)(Source:MOEA)2017-03-10
Announces the nullified company registration statistics of non-operating companies in Feb. 2017(Source:MOEA)2017-03-10