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Ministry of Economic Affairs to Present 2015 IPO Awards, Encouraging Foreign and Taiwanese Companies to Jointly Create New Value for IT Industry(Source:MOEA)2015-11-12
IDB Promotes Transformation of the Traditional Screw Industry, Creating Opportunities for Future Development in High-Value Aircraft Fasteners(Source:MOEA)2015-11-11
BSMI Organized Joint Award Ceremony for Competitions Including the "Health-care and Universal Design Award" and "Emerging Energy Product Design" as well as "Friendly Marketed Assistive Products Evaluation" BSMI, MOEA October 14th, 2015(Source:MOEA)2015-11-11
Achieving Renewed Success for Taiwan through Industrial Upgrades – Presentation to Announce Achievements in the Taiwan Industry Innovation Platform Program (TIIP)(Source:MOEA)2015-11-10
The 20TH Annual InnoServe Contest Nurturing Industrial Innovation and Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry(Source:MOEA)2015-11-09
Towards building a “4C” metal casting industry with joint efforts: Consolidating technology for future generations(Source:MOEA)2015-11-09
Unfold the Development of C5 Derivatives in Synthetic Resins and Promote High Value Petrochemicals(Source:MOEA)2015-11-09
Countries Propose ‘Asian Open Data Alliance’ to Welcome the Data Economy Era(Source:MOEA)2015-11-06
Company Registration, Certification and Copy Statistics of Central Region Office, MOEA (Jan.-oct., 2015)(Source:MOEA)2015-11-04
Announces the nullified company registration statistics of non-operating companies in Oct. 2015(Source:MOEA)2015-11-04
Ministry of Economic Affairs joins hands with Securities and Futures Bureau to bring Intellectual Property Management into Internal Control Systems of public companies(Source:MOEA)2015-11-03
The Certification Mark of the Plumbing Association of Taiwan(Source:MOEA)2015-11-03
Statistics of the Department of Commerce for number of cases of the company name and business scope pre-screening application(October, 2015)(Source:MOEA)2015-11-02
33 Awarded Organizations and Schools Collectively Saved NTD 490 Million in Energy Costs(Source:MOEA)2015-10-30
The BSMI welcomes users to query and purchase the latest version, (2015) of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 BSMI, MOEA October 28, 2015(Source:MOEA)2015-10-28