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A Small Business, a Giant to Be! Beginning from Families, and Creates Industrial Vitality.(Source:MOEA)2016-01-20
ITC Makes an Affirmative Injury Determination in Five-Year (Sunset) Review Concerning the Antidumping Duty on Benzoyl Peroxide from China(Source:MOEA)2016-01-20
BSMI announces test methods of mechanical splice for steel reinforcing bars to enhance safety BSMI, MOEA January 7, 2016(Source:MOEA)2016-01-19
BSMI revises standards for hot dip galvanized coatings BSMI, MOEA January 7, 2016(Source:MOEA)2016-01-19
Cities and Counties Devoted Efforts to Win the Creative Energy Saving Competition(Source:MOEA)2016-01-19
The Ministry of Economic Affairs' Efforts in Promoting Solar PV Installation - The Installed Capacity for Southern Region Grows Significantly(Source:MOEA)2016-01-15
IDB Intelligent Electronics Institute Collaborates with Synopsys: Cultivating International IC Design Talent Training Platform(Source:MOEA)2016-01-15
MIT X MIT = SMART FUTURE First Autonomous AI Vehicle Showcased at TAF Innovation Base(Source:MOEA)2016-01-15
IDB Promotes the Addition of Toxic Substance Testing Standards for Waterware to CNS(Source:MOEA)2016-01-14
Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) will host employment recruitment on 15th January 2015, and enterprises offer over 167 job opportunities. The highest monthly salary will reach NT$39,000.(Source:MOEA)2016-01-14
BSMI announces office equipment accessibility guidelines for elderly persons and persons with disabilities BSMI, MOEA January 8, 2016(Source:MOEA)2016-01-13
A Great Success on Germany and Taiwan -- Green Energy Policy Forum(Source:MOEA)2016-01-12
Announces the reexamination results of abnormal labeling cases found in MOEA joint inspection.( May 2010 to Dec. 2015)(Source:MOEA)2016-01-11
Announces the nullified company registration statistics of non-operating companies in Dec. 2015(Source:MOEA)2016-01-08
Company Registration, Certification and Copy Statistics of Central Region Office, MOEA (Jan.-Dec., 2015) (Source:MOEA)2016-01-08