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Company Registration, Certification and Copy Statistics of Central Region Office, MOEA (Jan.-Aug., 2015)(Source:MOEA)2015-09-10
Announces the nullified company registration statistics of non-operating companies in Aug. 2015(Source:MOEA)2015-09-02
TEEMA Signs MOU with Tamagawa Seiki to Form Alliance for Smart R obots(Source:MOEA)2015-09-02
Statistics of the Department of Commerce for number of cases of the company name and business scope pre-screening application(August , 2015)(Source:MOEA)2015-09-01
The Ministry of Economic Affairs ((MOEA)) Arranges President MA’s visit to Hong Shen Propeller Company Limited(Source:MOEA)2015-08-27
Opinions Exchange Meeting Between IDB and the 4G Telecommunication and Game Vendors to Facilitate the Development of Digital Content and 4G Mobile Value-Added Services(Source:MOEA)2015-08-26
Industrial Production Indexes in July 2015(Source: MOEA)2015-08-24
Integration of energy and resources being promoted in industrial parks for low-carbon and recycling-oriented industries(Source: MOEA)2015-08-14
Corporate integrity forum to create goodwill and make positive influence(Source: MOEA)2015-08-12
From Strength to Strength! InvesTaiwan reaches a new milestone in investment and recruitment(Source: MOEA)2015-08-07
Package Plant Export for Rail Industry with the Help of MOEA(Source: MOEA)2015-08-06
BSMI holds international conference to celebrate 2015 World Metrology Day BSMI, MOEA May 18, 2015(Source: MOEA)2015-08-05
BSMI holds medical health accreditation conference to celebrate 2015 World Accreditation Day BSMI, MOEA June 9, 2015(Source: MOEA)2015-08-05
International Seminar on Applications & Certifications of Common Assistive Devices for Seniors and the Disabled(Source: MOEA)2015-08-03
LED multinational corporation entered Kaohsiung Software Park (KSP) and established the R&D center.(Source: MOEA)2015-07-23