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Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Jong-Chin Shen Was Deeply Concerned about the Development of Machine Tool Industry and Convened a Forum on Promoting Domestic Numerical Controller(Source: MOEA)

The Ministry of Economic Affairs held a forum on Promoting of Domestic Numerical Controller on November 21st. Vice Minister Jong-Chin Shen gave the attendees a pep talk and mentioned that only by possessing our ownmake control technology, we make product differentiation and increase the economic value added when facing the market of product homogeneity.   In the forum, Advantech-LNC Technology Co., Ltd. and SYNTEC Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the PC-Based CNC controllers for lathe whose performance rivals imported products from famous brands. The controllers solve the issue of product specific rules when machine makers export lathes to Mainland China.   Delta Electronics, Inc. introduced the first domestic total solution for CNC control that can be applied broadly to CNC machines, such as tapping center and machining center. The solution provides robust control for a high speed highprecision cutting process and has been widely used by the 3C, water ware and automobile industries.   The purpose of the forum was to facilitate the cooperation between machine makers and CNC controller providers and to increase competitive advantage of the machine tool industry. The product specific rules will not be a problem anymore when machine makers export lathes to Mainland China and the development of domestic numerical controller will be the main engine of growth.