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Ministry of Economic Affairs held the second seminar for “Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Service Team” in Taichung.(Source: MOEA)

On December 3, the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the second seminar for “Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Service Team” in Taichung. Industries actively participated in the seminar and raised many questions. Wang, Jiann-Chyuan, Vice President of Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, suggested in the seminar that domestic industries should adjust their attitude from to “cost down” to “value up” and adopt creativity and innovation to seek the niche market suitable for Taiwan. The Ministry of Economic Affairs founded the “Central Team of Traditional Industry” to help central Taiwan’s traditional industries upgrade and transform. Chan, Ping-Chih, General Manager of Precision Machinery Research Development Center, illustrated that this “Central Team of Traditional Industry” would strengthen the cooperation with related schools and industrial committees and associations and connect counseling resources for central Taiwan’s industries to actively assist these industries with innovation and transformation. Hung, Jung-Te, Chairman of Yoke, shared experiences in the seminar. Yoke set the prices in 2 sections: one was the basic products with low added value and low uniqueness, which were the source of main revenue the company relied on, so a certain amount of such products should be maintained; the other was the special products with high added value and high uniqueness, which could increase the technical competence and profits of the company. Tsai, Yung-Fang, Chairman of INTAI Technology Corporation, shared experiences of transformation from packing machines, screw packages medical device manufacturing to to their own brand of medical devices. Chairman Tsai thought that the formula of successful transformation was approaches x input resources x efficiency of resource usage, and INTAL would focus on products and services and “marketing” in the future brand development. Deputy Director Lu said that central Taiwan’s industries could contact the Central Team of Traditional Industry if they need to upgrad and transform. The service team will establish the social group in the future allow teenage students understand the current condition of industrial development.