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Ministry of Economic Affairs holds third seminar for Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Service Team in New Taipei City.(Source: MOEA)

On December 4, the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the third seminar for the Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Service Team in New Taipei City. Hosted by Deputy Director General Lien of the Industrial Development Bureau, the seminar attracted 160 industrial participants. Deputy Director General Lien showed that the service team has provided one-stop industrial service emphasizinged that the most important element in facing the challenges of free trade is industrial competitiveness. He called on enterprises to take more better advantage of governmental resources. The Northern Team of Traditional Industry was responsible to for helping northern traditional industries upgrade and transform. The team would has strengthened the cooperation with related schools, local governments, and industrial committees and associations and connected counseling resources for northern industries to assist traditional industries in achieving high-quality development. Chairman Tsai of User Audio Technology shared the experiences of participating in the plans of the Industrial Development Bureau. User Audio Technology cooperated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop an innovative Hi-end speaker made from organic plastic resin instead of wood. The speaker had similar tone quality to large wooden speakers. Vice President Cheng of Hwacom shared the experiences in managing the software technology of digital set-top boxes. Hwacom developed the software team, built the key technology, and further cooperated with the Taichung City Government to jointly establish the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), an intelligent transportation system. It would is also strivinge for to develop the Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud service platforms in the future. Chairman Tsai of Shayang Ye emphasized that the key technology of the company was is the servo motor. Participating in the 2005 World Exposition in, Aichi, Japan, he observed the development trends of robots; later, he chose to engage in the field of industrial automation and robot education, and founded the first robot tourism factory in Taiwan. Nowadays, given the fact that young people are not as willing to work in traditional industries gradually, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has implemented specific approaches. For example, it used the planned budget to encourage industries to cooperate with schools and allow students to intern in factories before graduation; moreover, it has assisted the second-generation successors of enterprise in experiencing the importance of traditional industries and increased their willingness of inheritanceto participate.