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Ministry of Economic Affairs hoelds fourth seminar for Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Service Team in Tainan .(Source: MOEA)

On December 5, the Ministry of Economic Affairs held its fourth seminar for the Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Service Team in Tainan. Hosted by Deputy Director General Lu of the Industrial Development Bureau, the seminar attracted 126 industrial participants. Deputy Director General Lu said that industries should think about upgrading and transformation first, conduct analyses, and introduce innovative elements with the help of corporations or academic institutions to further develop niche products. Industries can contact the service team or the closest industrial park service centers for assistance if they have such needs. While illustrating the counseling methods of the Southern Team of Traditional Industry, Deputy CEO Chen of the Metal Industries Research and Development Center emphasized that industries should first of all have the ambition for upgrading and transformation, and seek proper corporations or academic institutions for assistance. Assistant Manager Chuang of Hermin Textile shared that as a traditional textile manufacturing, the company has developed functional and versatile new products through applying for R&D plan subsidies with the government. Hermin Textile has also actively developed green and eco-friendly products. The factory in Tainan was awarded the Diamond Green Building Logo; the company also founded a tourism factory to promote their self-branded products. This year, the Hermin Textile Creative Product R&D Center was established to integrate professional talent and external resources as well as strengthen the R&D capacity. General Manager Chang of the Gloria Material Technology Corporation emphasized that industries should not be too obsessed with successful models in the past.Rather, every enterprise should consider how to create value through previous functions or specifications of products as well as on service or experiences. He also said that, in order to continue enhancing its global position, the Gloria Material Technology Corporation would continue serving key clients, developing special high-value alloys, and providing customized products to enhance its position in the supply chain based on three main strategies: internationalization, differentiation, and customization.