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Ministry of Economic Affairs holds fifth seminar for Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Service Team in Changhua.(Source: MOEA)

On December 11, the Ministry of Economic Affairs held its fifth seminar for the Industrial Upgrading and Transformation Service Team in Changhua. Hosted by Chief Secretary Yu Chen-Wei of the Industrial Development Bureau, the seminar attracted 111 industrial participants. Chef Secretary Yu said that since the world has moved towards liberalization, which has resulted in more competitive circumstances, enterprises should move toward cross-field value-added development in addition to specializing in their original business. Industries can contact the service team or the closest industrial park service centers for assistance if they had such needs. COO Liu of the Anderson Group shared the transformation process from a wood industry to a personalized systemic furniture industry. The Anderson Group developed the integrated production system for intelligent board-type furniture through cooperation with government plans and the Precision Machinery Research Development Center. The production information, parameters, and 3D images could be generated after clients input the required design information in the cloud system, which not only saved materials, but also reduced the time of completion and delivery. General Manager Wu of Microprogram Co., Ltd, which established the currently popular U-Bike rental platform in the metropolitan areas, shared the transformation process from a software company to an intelligent induction system industry. Microprogram Co., Ltd integrated the cross-field operation through the Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud technology to provide the innovative value-added application services regarding sports, recreation, tourism and life, such as the combination of EasyCard and the parking fee management system. To develop innovative application services, the company also founded the UCD Innovation Lab to fulfill and apply the concept of user experiences to different fields through the method of service design. Regarding the youth entrepreneurship raised by the industry, the service team recommended that industries should consider the issue from the perspective of local featured industries and cultural creative industries and adopt the technological element of the Internet. In the entrepreneurial process, industries could seek assistance from counseling resources of youth entrepreneurship provided by the Department of Education and Small and Medium Enterprise Administration.