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BSMI Introduces Six New Measurement Systems BSMI, MOEA January 13, 2015(Source: MOEA)

To meet the needs of industries and to ensure public safety and environmental protection, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) announces to open calibration services of six new measurement systems from the beginning of 2015. The systems are: (1) Gravimetric High-Pressure Cylinder Gas Mixture Supply and Certification System, (2) Gas Concentration Measurement System, (3) Gas Concentration Dilution Device and Analysis Equipment Calibration System, (4) Microphone Free-Field Sensitivity Calibration System - Reciprocity Method, (5) Absolute Radiometer System, and (6) Nano Particle Size Measurement System. The services aim to benefit industries of semiconductor, chemical engineering, information and communication, illumination, environmental inspection and fire control, etc. The undertaking is expected to lower the cost and time on calibration and testing by 50 percent, to help industries improving product quality, to harmonize domestic and international practices, and to bring better products to the market. The popularity of 3C products, such as smartphones and tablets, has been noted and prompted the Bureau to establish the absolute radiometer system for the calibration of light detectors to ensure the image quality of the products, including the brightness, color temperature, color gamut and color rendering properties. The absolute radiometer system also provides calibration for illuminance and luminance meters installed on optical inspection equipment which assures the accuracy of lighting products in the market. Low illuminance brings users eyestrain and possible nearsightedness, while high illuminance hurts the eyes due to the strong light and causes wastes of electricity. The system helps to optimize the quality of lighting products and healthier environment. Deputy Director General Chuang Suh-chyin of BSMI said that the six measurement systems meet the requirements of various industries. Their functions are: 1.Gravimetric High-Pressure Cylinder Gas Mixture Supply and Certification System The system ensures the accuracy of gas concentration labels on steel cylinders and the precision of air monitoring equipment used on monitoring greenhouse gases and pollution emissions. 2.Gas Concentration Measurement System The system ensures the quality of gas detectors for industrial and household use as well as fire control, which helps to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning incidents by sensing the leakage of carbon monoxide. 3.Gas Concentration Dilution Device and Analysis Equipment Calibration System The system ensures the quality of poisonous gas detectors used in work environments, which helps to monitor the concentration of poisonous gas so to protect the lives of the workers. 4.Microphone Free-Field Sensitivity Calibration System - Reciprocity Method The system ensures the accuracy of noise meters used in industries and environmental inspection, which helps to improve the work environment and enhance the living quality. 5.Absolute Radiometer System The system ensures the accuracy of optical detectors used on the inspection of LEDs, tablets and LED lighting tools, which helps to enhance the quality of 3C products so to improve the visual environment for users. 6.Nano Particle Size Measurement System The system helps to improve the quality of products made of nano particles, such as grinding fluid used in the semiconductor industry, sun block cream, bathroom accessories and antibacterial tiles. Precise measurement technology not only helps industry with quality control but also improves production process and lowers costs. It enhances a company's research ability and competitiveness and even fulfills its corporate social responsibility, said the BSMI. Offering 134 internationally recognized measurement systems in 17 scientific fields, the BSMI's National Measurement Laboratory provides the best calibration service for academia, industry, government and the local inspection market, which is estimated to reach NT 13 billion a year. The report issued by the Laboratory is recognized by 98 members of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM). For more information on the calibration and measurement services provided by the Laboratory, including the calibration specification and fee, please visit the National Measurement Laboratory website at or call hotlines +886-3-573-2243 and +886-3-573-2244. Service reservations can be made three months in advance. Agency in charge: Metrology Division (4th Division) Contact person: Mr. Chang, Yueh-Feng, Deputy Director Telephone: (02)23967149