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Optimistic about Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone's investment climate, Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation invested NT$ 500 million for the building expansion project and held a groundbreaking ceremony on 20th March 2015.(Source: MOEA)

Being optimistic about the investment environment, Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation held a building expansion groundbreaking ceremony for its third building on 20th March 2015 at Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone (KEPZ). Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation invested NT$ 500 million for its third building expansion project. It is estimated that its annual production value will increase NT$ 450 million after the project is finished. In addition, its expansion project can create lots of job opportunities in Kaohsiung, and activate economic development in southern Taiwan. In 2014, the total revenue of Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation was amounted to NT$ 4.8 billion and the annual growth rate was 7.45%. Moreover, Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation occupied 8.21% of KEPZ's total revenue last year, ranked the fourth in KEPZ, and achieved striking success. It mainly manufactures polarizing films for LCDs, encapsulation materials for semiconductor devices, PVC electric insulating tapes, and PET insulating tapes etc. Its products are also prestigious in related industries. For its future operation requirements, Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation will increase production lines and capacity of related tape products. In addition, Chairman Miyao Keiichi endeavours to acquire approval from its headquarters for its third building expansion project. The total floor area of its new four-story building is 15,410 square maters. It is estimated that its annual tape production will increase eleven million rolls and its annual production value will increase NT$ 450 million after the building expansion project is finished. This helps Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation to enhance its competitiveness and market share, activate economic development, and improve the employment rate in Kaohsiung. According to KEPZ branch Chief Lu, Yan-Chiaw, Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation and KEPZ were founded almost at the same time in 1970. It was the pioneer in KEPZ. In addition, it richly cultivated KEPZ, constantly invested, and expanded its buildings in KEPZ over many years. It has not only grown strong and transformed with KEPZ, but also made outstanding contributions. Last but not least, its third building expansion project is the concrete response for government's economic momentum boosting program, and also an important milestone for Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation. Spokesman: Mr. Chien Min Chao (Deputy Director General, EPZA) Contact Number: 886-7-3644880 Email: Contact Person : Chen, Song-Zhang (KEPZ First Division) Contact Number: 886-7-8217141 Email: