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TAF Is Ready to Be come the Next Innovation Center(Source: MOEA)

On the second day of the TAF Designathon (19th Apr.), 22 teams dedicated themselves to plan and design their TAF proposal. The host arranged a guided tour for these teams to inspire their ideas. Since TAF used to be a military base where citizens were not allowed to visit before, this was also the first time to open it to the public. During the 2-day activity, Q&A and post-it note were frequently used to inspire ideas by most teams in order to organize a comprehensive proposal for the TAF. Majority of the teams planned a well-organized space featuring TAF military background for their TAF projects. This new innovation center can be an incubator that can benefit industries from agriculture to technology industries. Thus, the government plays an important role in the business meet-up as well as connecting global resources and training programs to build a co-working space that links to the high-tech, eco-friendly and innovative life. From the artistic and cultural perspectives, plan for the showrooms can be a part of this TAF proposal; these showrooms will be affordable for the new designers and performers. In addition, the hands-on exhibit of smart city could be a part of this proposal as well; it not only shows the ICT capability of Taiwan but also serves as a bridge between the smart city and the public. At the end of this campaign, the judges and participants decided the best 3 proposals in the TAF Designathon, and the list of the best 3 teams is as below, from the 3rd place to 1st place: agricultural technology in city from team 3, the natural experience park fromof team 21 and the military theme park from team 18 separately.