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Announced Date: 2016-10-17

Legislative History:A Total of 5 articles were promulgated on October 17, 2016 by the ordinance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Ref. No. Ching-Shui-Tzu 10504605070 

Article 1  These Regulations are enacted pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 7 of the Reclaimed Water Resources Development

Article 2  The quality of reclaimed water shall meet the water quality requirements in the following Subparagraphs, where
               the hydrogen ion concentration is a tolerance range and the remaining water quality requirements are the
               maximum allowable limit:
               1. Hydrogen ion concentration: 6.0-8.5.
               2. Turbidity: 5 NTU.
               3. Total organic carbon: 10 mg/L(Liter).
               4. Ammonia nitrogen (calculated as nitrogen): 10 mg/L(Liter).With reclaimed water used for domestic water
                   consumption and other water uses as landscaping, watering, washing, sprinkling to reduce dust and toilet flushing,
                   in addition to complying with the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the following requirements shall also be
               1. Minimum residual chlorine: 0.4 mg/L(Liter) of combined residual chlorine; 0.1 mg/L of free residual chlorine.
               2. Maximum allowable limit for coliform group (membrane filtration method): 200 CFU/100mL.

Article 3   The following matters shall be followed by reclaimed water operators:
               1. Automatic water quality monitoring equipment for each of the water quality items in Paragraph 1 of the preceding
                   Article shall be set up at appropriate locations for the water supply facility, and shall be periodically calibrated
                   according to the brand and specifications or by the cycle and method specified by the equipment manufacturer.
               2. Every three months, an environmental test and determination organization that has been issued a permit by the
                   Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan shall be appointed to conduct water sampling for
                   the reclaimed water and water quality testing for the various water quality requirements in the Subparagraphs of
                   the preceding Article at appropriate locations for the water supply facility. Within 30 days from the completion date
                   of the inspection results, the results for the sampling and water quality testing shall be transmitted to the
                   electronic database designated by the central competent authority through the Internet.The monitoring and
                   calibration records for the automatic water quality monitoring equipment in Subparagraph 1 of the preceding
                   Paragraph shall be recorded in writing and shall be kept for five years from the date of making.

Article 4  The following matters shall be followed when using reclaimed water:
               1. If the reclaimed water is used for the purposes in Paragraph 2 of Article 2, a reclaimed water notice sign shall be
                   placed at the appropriate spot and notices for use shall be indicated.
               2. The reclaimed water supply pipelines shall not be connected to other pipelines that supply drinking water sources.
               3. The exposed parts of the reclaimed water supply pipelines shall be in purple, and the name of the fluid and its
                   flow direction shall be indicated in white text at prominent locations on the pipelines.

Article 5  These Regulations become effective as of the date of promulgation.