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Efficient implementation of project of leakage rate reduction and water supply stabilization (including Kinmen County)

  • Implementation of engineering project for reduction of water leakage rate
  • duration: 2009-2011
  • Total cost: 15.4 billion TWD
  • After project completion, water leakage rate of Taiwan Water Co. is estimated to reduce by 2.83% which means saving 244.2 thousand tons of water from leakage loss per day.
  • The Kinmen Water Supply Plant could reduce water leakage loss by 3.6% per annum which means saving 230 thousand tons of water from leakage loss.

Efficient implementation of the project of water leakage control and water supply stabilization in Taipei

  • Replacement of water supply pipelines
  • Enhancement of mutual support mechanism across different water supply districts
  • duration:2009-2010
  • Total cost:4.8 billion TWO
  • Reinforcement of the water facilities and water supply pipeline network to stabilize the water supply system
  • Overall enhancement to the efficiency of water resource useage

Enhancing implementation of the water supply improvement project for areas without public water supply

  • Water supply pipeline extension project
  • Simplified water supply improvement projects
  • duration: 2009-2011
  • Total cost: 2.2 billion TWO
  • An addition of 14.1 thousand households accessible to water supply
  • Expected to raise water supply coverage rate by about 0.242%

Renewal and improvement of irrigation facilities beyond the jurisdiction of irrigation associations

  • Improvement of canals to facilitate planning of the interconnection of regional waterway systems
  • Renewal and extension of farm irrigation and drainage canals outside the irrigation system zone
  • Renewal and improvement of hydraulic structures located outside the irrigation areas
  • duration: 2009-2011
  • Total cost: 1.215 billion TWD
  • Improvement of 121.6 km of irrigation and drainage canals with construction of 134 related hydraulic structures
  • The project shall benefit an area of around 134 thousand hectares (including remote areas and regions where indigenous people reside) covering 30.25% of land beyond the current irrigation areas

Renewal and improvement of water storage structures

  • Renewal, improvement, and assessment of reservoir facilities
  • Desiltation and dredging at reservoir storage area
  • Conservation projects at reservoir storage area
  • duration: 2009-2011
  • Total cost:0.899 billion TWD
  • Function enhancement of water storage structures and facilities
  • Effective extension of service life
  • Impact reduction of probable droughts
  • Fostering water conservation
  • Effective reduction of deposited siltation in reservoirs
  • Improving water quality of water bodies

Efficient execution of demonstration projects for the drainage and environmental improvement at land subsidence areas

  • Adjustment of soil and water resources utilization pattern within the project scope
  • Implementation of regional drainage improvement system engineering project
  • duration: 2009-2011
  • Total cost: 4 billion TWO
  • Protection enhancement for village settlements
  • Inundation disaster mitigation
  • Raising the quality of life
  • Fostering balanced development of regional districts
  • Narrowing development gap between urban and rural areas

Efficient implementation of river regulation and environmental construction projects for rivers under central government jurisdiction

  • Implementation of disaster mitigation and reduction projects for rivers under central government jurisdiction
  • Environment landscaping and improvement project
  • Study and planning of maintenance, management, and basic data survey
  • duration: 2009-2011
  • Total cost:29.705 billion TWO
  • Projected to increase 147 km of disaster mitigation facilities
  • Improvement of 47 km of river environment
  • Improved inundation conditions in an area of around 6,812 hectares
Engineering project for drainage improvement in Luermen, Tainan city
Engineering project for drainage improvement in Luermen, Tainan city

Yangzicuo creek and Shisun drainage improvement project in Dacun village