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Typhoon Morakot 2009 brought the highest rainfall ever recorded in the history of Taiwan, causing severe damages to levee systems and water resources facilities. The WRA has spent NT$21.859 billion to complete post-disaster recovery operations which involved land acquisition for dredging projects, reconstruction work of rivers under central government jurisdiction, reconstruction work of rivers under county and city government jurisdiction, and water resources reconstruction projects. Related operations implemented included the following:

Acquisition of land for dredging projects – enhance dredging at rivers, upstream creeks, and reservoirs (budget allocation: NT$6 billion)

  • Project objectives: sediment and soil accumulation estimated at 1.2 billion m3 was left in the wake of Typhoon Morakot 2009, including about 800 million m3 of sediment washed into rivers and reservoirs. It was necessary to continue the dredging operations to ensure smooth river channel flow and to increase reservoir storage capacity.
  • Implementation status:
    Phase (Period)
    Estimated dredging volume (million m3)
    Actual dredging volume (million m3)
    Phase I (Aug. 2009 – Nov. 2010)
    Phase II (Dec. 2010 – Nov. 2011)
    33.735 (as of Apr. 3, 2011)
    Phase III (Dec. 2011 – Aug. 2012)

    According to evaluation of actual variations of scour and deposition in river channels after the flood-prone period of 2011

  • Dredging objectives and delegation of duties
    • River dredging:
      Phase I: 45 million m3、Phase II: 35 million m3
      Water Resources Agency, MOEA: 25 million m 3 (Phase I) and 21.5 million m3 (Phase II)? Ministry of National Defense
      Respective county and city governments (including operations assisted by local administration offices): 20 million m3 (Phase I) and 13.5 million m3 (Phase II)
    • Sediment transportation and colmatage of reservoirs:
      Phase I: 10 million m3、Phase II: 9 million m3
      Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
      Taiwan Power Company
      Irrgation Association Taiwan Water Corporation
    • Dredging and desiltation at upstream creeks:
      Phase I: 10 million m3、Phase II: 8 million m3
      Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture: 3.5 million m3 (Phase I) and 3 million m3 (Phase II)
      Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture: 6.5 million m3 (Phase I) and 5 million m3(Phase II)
      Respective county and city governments (including operations assisted by local administration offices)
    • Other complementary measures
      Respective government ministries and agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions, local governments
      Increase of transportation capacity: limitation of pavement load, asphalt paving, and extended work hours
      Expanded soil & gravel utilization: reconstruction, public construction, land reclamation, and establishment of the soil bank
      Reduction of sand and gravel importation while prioritizing the utilization of available local sand and gravel resources
      Efficient dredging at private lands: coordinated with monetary incentives for construction projects and land division

Recovery and reconstruction projects for rivers under jurisdiction of central government and local county and city governments (budget allocation: NT$14.6 billion)

  • Project objectives: Reconstruction according to levee protection standards and re-evaluation of the regulation boundaries, engineering method, and construction materials pursuant to climatic change factors, thereby reducing risks of repeated damages of levees

Water resources recovery and reconstruction projects (budget allocation: NT$1.2 billion)

  • Project objectives: Repair of damaged facilities and restoration of reservoir water supply to normal levels, thereby ensuring availability of sufficient water supply to the public
  • Implementation status: The recovery and reconstruction projects include Gaoping Weir, Jiaxian Weir, Zengwen Reservoir, and the Mudan Reservoir
Linyuan levee under construction
Linyuan levee under construction

Linyuan levee project completed 
Linyuan levee project completed