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Name of project
Work items
Budget(billion TWD)
Remarks or outcome
1.Plan for Active Implementation of Water Saving Measures (2008 – 2012)
  • Implementation of water conservation guidance to major water consumers
  • Exhibition and promotion of water-saving devices
  • Granting certificate for use of water-saving label to commercial products
  • The plan implements sustainable national water resources management built upon past experiences in water saving, according to the environmental policy: “Lower average annual per capita water consumption to 250 l/day through the promotion of water saving measures and greywater system for water reuse”.
  • Enhancing public water saving consciousness, improving water saving efficiency of government agencies and schools, and establishing water saving based society
2.Development of Water Resources Technologies
  • Improvement of flood and drought disaster risk assessment
  • Establishment of performance assessment indices for flood disaster mitigation and rescue operations
  • Study and evaluation of emerging disasters and response strategies
  • Upgrading standards of water resources technologies
  • Enhancement of research and development of water resources technology
  • Integration of human resources of all research institutions in the nation
  • Mitigation of typhoon and flood disaster loss
3.Groundwater Conservation and Management Project
  • Inspection of groundwater monitoring well using Television Inspection System
  • Feasibility assessment and preliminary planning of the enhanced groundwater recharge project for Changhua and Yunlin Regions
  • Assistance in the completion of Phase I of Dachaozhou Lake Project for Groundwater Recharge–establishment of hydrometeorological stations
  • Increase of groundwater recharge
  • Reduction of groundwater consumption
  • Efficiency upgrade of well management
4.Hushan Reservoir Engineering Project
  • Reservoir construction project
  • Water diversion project
  • Land allocation project
  • Upon its completion, Hushan Reservoir shall be jointly operated with Jiji Weir.
  • It is capable to provide stable annual water supply of 694 thousand tons to reduce groundwater withdrawal and ease land subsidence.
5.Construction of Water Intake Facilities for Power Generation and Discharge Outlets for Dispatch and Backup at Liyutan Reservoir
  • Construction of outlets for dispatch and backup purposes
  • Coordination with the Joint Water Source Utilization Project of Daan and Dajia Rivers
  • Reduction of water shortage risks in the greater Taichung area
  • Higher flexibility for water resources dispatching and transfer
  • Increase back up & dispatch functions of water supply
6.Major River Environment Building Project
  • Mainly for implementation of survey, monitoring, planning, and study of rivers under central government jurisdiction and cross-city rivers
  • Disaster mitigation and reduction projects, river environment improvement, maintenance, and management project
  • Achieving objectives of flood mitigation and disaster mitigation
  • Increase of area under protection
  • Assuring fruits of socioeconomic development
  • Restoration of the natural river ecology
  • Construction of excellent landscape environment
7.Coastal Environment Building Project
  • Implementation of coastal protection and environment improvement in Taiwan
  • Maintenance and management of sea dike facilities and planning, investigation and study of coastal areas
  • Assuring the safety of lives and properties at coastal regions
  • Maintenance of the coastal ecological system
  • Improvement of coastal environmental
  • Landscape construction
  • Provision of public recreational space at coastal area
  • Assurring fruits of socioeconomic development
8.Regional Drainage Management and Environment Building Project
  • Implementation of regional drainage improvement operations in areas under central government jurisdiction
  • Implementation of environmental construction projects
  • Implementation of maintenance projects
  • Improvement of 69 km of drainage facilities under central government jurisdiction; construction of 60.5 hectares of environmental landscape; and maintenance of 254 km of drainage canals
  • Estimated to reduce area of inundation by around 14,315 hectares
9.Conservation Project at Taipei Water Resource Domain
  • Catchment area conservation project
  • Promotion and integrated application of sustainable water source conservation education
  • Electronic information for construction management including the establishment of electronic construction layout and photograph files
  • Enhancing sustainable water resources utilization through measures including reduction of soil erosion and increase of water storage capacity
  • Reduction of improper land use and loss of top soil; Conservation of water sources; Improvement of water quality; Environmental landscaping
  • Enhancing treatment efficiency of wastewater sewage systems and hot spring discharge
10.Offshore Island Water Supply Improvement Project
  • New desalination plant construction projects
  • Lake & reservoir dredging and improvement project
  • Improvement of water supply system
  • Improvement of separated treatment of rainwater and polluted water
  • A total of 7,900 tons of fresh water supply after construction of desalination plants at offshore islands
  • An additional of 755 tons of water supply after completion of dredging operations at lakes and reservoirs
11.Deep Seawater Resources Utilization and Industry Development Project
  • Promotion of deep sea water operations
  • Establishment of deep sea water technical inspection and certification system
  • Marketing and guidance for deep sea water products
  • Proper utilization of excellent deep sea water resources at the eastern region of Taiwan with balanced regional development
  • Development of deep sea water utilization technologies while increasing added values for traditional industries
12.Subsequent Projects of Joint Jiji Weir Water Diversion Project
  • Specific facilities for industrial water consumption including settling pond engineering project
  • Operation and management system projects
  • Irrigation project during drought period at Bagua Mountain
  • Stabilization of water sources for irrigation at Bagua Mountain regions in Nantou County
  • Water quality upgrade for industrial consumption at Yunlin Offshore Industrial Parks
13.Flood Disaster Mitigation, Rescue, and Relief Strategies and Promotion Plans
  • Construction of regional rainfall radar networks and flood disaster monitoring networks
  • Maintenance and expansion of respective flood monitoring centers
  • Update of flood disaster emergency response operating systems
  • Capacity enhancement for building flood mitigation and flood outflow control at catchment area
  • Enhancing overall efficiency in disaster mitigation, rescue, and relief operations
  • Strengthening flood mitigation functions, including management, response, command, dispatch, and support
  • Establishment of nationwide public flood mitigation awareness
  • Integration of flood mitigation information of all related government ministries, agencies, and local governments
  • Rational utilization of national lands
  • Grasp of projected future environment
14.Taiwan Long-term Hydrological Observation Development Project
  • Maintaining hydrological monitoring capacity and strengthenin of instantaneous transmission performance
  • Enhancing hydrological system regulations and upgrading administrative management efficiency
  • Enhancement of data quality control and expansion of hydrological data inquiry system
  • Grasp of hydrological environment information and fostering of diversified, value-added applications
  • Reform and innovation in hydrological monitoring technologies with capacity upgrade of local research and development
  • Acquisition of comprehensive hydrological observation data of fine quality to upgrade quality of water resources planning
  • Immediate acquisition of water resources status and timely activation of necessary disaster warning system
  • Establishing highly efficient hydrological information service system to achieve objectives of an e-government
15.Private Sector Participation in Taoyuan Desalination Plant Project
  • Land use processing (negotiation and cancellation of land cost and fishery right)
  • Overall operations and procedures for the selection of consultants
  • Private sector participation in the business invitation, design, build, operation, and transfer of desalination plants
  • The desalination plant is projected to provide 30,000 tons of daily water supply to Taoyuan High-Tech Industrial Park, thus alleviating the water shortage risks of the park.
  • Land acquisition and overall operations and procedures for the selection of consultants have been completed.
16.Planning and Operation of Water Resources Management
  • Regular planning required for water resources policies, water resources administration projects, regional water resources dispatching and management strategies, and diversified water source development projects
  • Planning of water resources engineering projects to meet future water supply demand in response to the increases of domestic and industrial water consumption and water shortage problems caused by highly turbid raw water intake.