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Expert Review, In-Depth Participation and Diverse Opinions, National Energy Conference is Officially Launched.(Source: MOEA)

Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced the official launch of National Energy Conference on September 10. The conference entitled "Where Will Electricity Come From?" will focus on the three main topics, including "Efficient Conservation of Energy Demand", "Steady Expansion of Energy Supply Resources" ,and "Low Carbon and Sustainable Environment". Reframed in an innovative manner, the Conference is organized through an open and transparent procedure. By introducing expert review, wide array of information provided by all social circles are inspected at the same standard. To nurture in-depth participation and knowledge of diverse aspects of objective facts and problems, the responsive strategies and opinions from all parties in the society are invited through the establishment of physical and virtual internet dialogue platforms. The perspectives and opinions collected from the Conference will be referenced for the formulation of sound governmental policies and measures.