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  • Supervision of land expropriation, price negotiation, and land acquisition for engineering project with coordination and execution of resident relocation plans
  • Land management for water resources projects, conversion of zoning assignment of non-urban land to river zones, administration of private lands at river zones, administration of land variation of river zones, and deliberation and evaluation of non-urban land development cases
  • Maintenance and management of river bank parks, evaluation of urban design plans, and promotion of private sector participation in public construction projects
    In realization of sustainable management of riverbank ecological environment with maintenance and management works for high-quality water-based leisure space, rivers and river bank recreation grounds under central government jurisdiction are managed pursuant to the provisions of Article 3 of the Regulations on River Management. Moreover, the promotion of park adoption and related maintenance and management operations for these recreation zones shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Guidelines for the Adoption of Rivers and River Bank Recreation Grounds under Central Government Jurisdiction and the Guidelines for the Management and Maintenance of Rivers and River Bank Recreation Grounds under Central Government Jurisdiction.

jilong river
Jilong River regulation project

Constructed wetlands along Gaoping River
Constructed wetlands along Gaoping River