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Key Operations
Administration of operations during construction stages of WRA projects, including pre-budget review, project procurement, implementation of quality and progress management, environmental protection, and worker's safety during project construction period

Quality assurance of hydraulic engineering projects through establishment of administrative procedures and respective construction monitoring and quality management regulations for public works.

Upholding the concept of full project life cycle assessment in sustainable public engineering works through realization of eight major indicators – safety, performance, ecology, energy saving, waste reduction, durability, culture, and innovation.

Construction Project Quality Control
Through the concept of full life cycle assessment in sustainable public engineering works and proper control of project quality, each WRA project produced excellent results. Moreover, the WRA projects have won an outstanding performance award.


  • Project Title: A3 Section of Zengwen-Nanhua Interconnecting Pipeline Turnkey Project
  • Execution Agency: Southern Region Water Resources Branch, WRA
  • 23rd Public Construction Golden Quality Awards - The Supreme excellently Quality Award
  • Performance:  
    This project aims to complete the construction of the interconnecting pipe, enhance the water supply channel of Zengwen Reservoir, and mitigate the risk of water shortage.
    The main functions of this project are as follows:
    1.Taking advantage of the elevation difference in the reservoir topography, we adopt the gravity water delivery method to interconnect southern water resources in series, reducing the cost of pumped storage and power generation. Simultaneously, a ∮2,600mm ball valve is utilized, providing a two-way water supply function and allowing one pipe to serve dual purposes.
    2.Upon completion, the mechanical and electrical operations will be integrated with remote control, enabling unified control by the control center. Signals will be shared with relevant units for monitoring, reducing the need for manual operation and inspection. This ensures maintenance safety.
    The pipeline's daily backup water capacity can reach 800,000 cubic meters, thereby enhancing the resilience of water supply in the southern region.

Shi'erdian Community

  • Project Title: The Flood Drainage Culvert project in Shi'erdian Community of Zengwenxi Drainage.
  • Execution Agency: Sixth River Management Branch,Water Resources Agency,Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • 23rd Public Construction Golden Quality Awards - The Excellence Award
  • Performance:  
    The project aims to construct a four-cell box culvert with a total length of 1.9 kilometers to address chronic flooding issues in the Shi’erdian community and enhance the overall flood protection standards of the Zengwenxi Drainage section.
    The main functions of this project are as follows:
    1.Improve flood and natural hazard prevention functions, creating a safe and livable environment.
    2.Implement an innovative project for slag decomposition to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction goals, demonstrating care for the Earth.
    3.Enhance waterfront landscape, create vegetative green belts, and promote active carbon fixation.
    4.Establish a multi-functional memorial square for natural disaster prevention and preserve the water regulation context of Zengwen Drainage.
    5.The road of this box culvert project connects Taijiang Blvd., creating traffic value and increasing the project's overall value.

    Upon completion, the project will meet the criteria for a 25-year return period flood, ensuring non-overflow conditions. Additionally, it will be interconnected with the road network in the Xinji Industrial District in the future to improve transportation capacity, creating the Shi’erdian community as a natural and healthy waterfront environment.


  • Project Title: The Environment Construction Project for Kunshen Seawall of Tainan City.
  • Execution Agency: Sixth River Management Branch, WRA
  • 23rd Public Construction Golden Quality Awards - The Excellence Award 
  • Performance:
    "Kunshen," a term originally denoting sandbars encircling a lagoon or inland sea, stands as one of the most distinctive place names in Taiwan. "Kun" was inspired by the name of a legendary enormous fish, while "Shen" referred to the hump rising from its back. Thus, "Kunshen" translates to the back of a great fish.
    The Kunshen coastline extends for miles, featuring a soft sandy beach and offering magnificent views. Each evening, the sunset transforms the sea from a breathtaking blue to a dazzling golden, complemented by silver-white waves.
    The coastal levee is meticulously constructed with a multi-layered design and enhanced greening efforts, creating a more environmentally friendly ecosystem and a "breathing" coastal area for residents or visitors to enjoy seaside recreations.
    To rejuvenate the old seawall, a diverse range of over 30 coastal plants, including the tamanu, palaquium formosanum, and Chinaberry, have been planted. This initiative, aligned with the policy of ensuring the protective function of sea dikes and zero carbon emissions, results in a green-ecology seawall, departing from the traditional model of bare-sided seawalls.
    Two rest platforms have been established, offering excellent vantage points for observing the expansive sky and sea. Additionally, a storage pond on the forest trail behind the seawall captures surface runoff during rainy periods, facilitating water recycling while enhancing the overall environment and fostering a more sustainable and friendly ecosystem.

Laoxi Glory Bridge

  • Project Title: The Comprehensive Environmental Improvement Engineering of Laoxi Glory Bridge  Downstream Left and Right Bank Embankment
  • Execution Agency: Ninth River Management Branch, WRA
  • 23rd Public Construction Golden Quality Awards:The Excellence Award
  • Performance:  
    •This project involves public participation to achieve consensus within the local community. During design phase, agreements for adoption and maintenance has been signed with the local community.
    •To achieve transculturation, the embossed-floor with Tingpih pattern was applicated first in Taiwan. Additionally, the retaining walls with terrazzo symbols eye of ancestral spirit, which highly presenting the artistry and indigenous characteristics.
    The main purpose of this project are as follows:
    1. Innovative carbon reduction measures were implemented.
    2. Comprehensive ecological assessment was meticulously carried out.
    3. Levee roads were effectively connected to enhances efficiency of flood prevention , and also link to the main roads of community simultaneously , to facilitate local revitalization.
    4. Proactive improvement measures are implemented to enhance the quality of environment and habitat.

Zhongzhuang Auxiliary Lake

  • Project Title: Zhongzhuang Auxiliary Lake
  • Execution Agency: Northern Region Water Resources Office, WRA 
  • 23rd Public Construction Golden Quality Awards (Maintenance and Management of Public Facilities) - The Excellence Award
  • Performance:  
    1.Facility Overview and Maintenance Features: The Zhongzhuang Auxiliary Lake, completed in November 2017, is the first large-scale high-turbidity backup reservoir in Taiwan. It is situated approximately 10 kilometers downstream from the Shihmen Reservoir and has a storage capacity of 5.075 million tons. The facility serves as an 800,000-ton backup water supply for about one week for the Taoyuan and Banxin areas during typhoon and flood periods.
    2.Maintenance Innovations: The embankment of the Zhongzhuang Auxiliary Lake spans 3.61 kilometers, with internal erosion identified as the primary risk. The facility integrates a risk analysis model for reservoir safety management, utilizing Electrical Resistivity Surveys to detect potential seepage issues. This approach enables early detection and intervention to prevent internal erosion failures.
    3.Challenges: To enhance the stability of the hydraulic mechanical gate monitoring system, this project incorporates motor current dry-run control loops and temperature sensors. Additionally, the installation of extra submersible pumps and drainage pump control panels has been carried out to prevent the flooding of manholes.
    4.Excellent Execution: Facility maintenance encompasses various aspects, including emergency repairs, environmental management, security patrols, flood warnings, and more. The facility utilizes a proactive and preventive monitoring approach, including both automatic instrument measurements and manual readings, to ensure its long-term stable operation.
    5.Outstanding Achievements and Significant Benefits: The Zhongzhuang Auxiliary Lake has received multiple accolades, including the Public Construction Golden Quality Award and the Green Building Gold-level Certification for the management building. The project has achieved significant results in terms of backup water supply, IoT monitoring technology of automatic monitoring, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and the establishment of a new landmark for tourism. It has supplied 64.8 million tons of water, equivalent to meeting the water needs of the population for approximately 81 days, over the past six years of operation.

Pinglin Sewage

  • Project Title: Pinglin Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Execution Agency: Taipei Water Management Branch, WRA
  • 23rd Public Construction Golden Quality Awards - Public Facility Maintenance and Management Award-The Excellence Award
  • Performance:
    Built in 1999, this is Taiwan's first tertiary sewage treatment plant located in a water quality and quantity protection area. It is responsible for treating the domestic sewage of residents in the Feitsui Reservoir catchment to maintain the clean water quality of the reservoir.
    The main features of this project are as follows:
    1.Reduce water source pollution and keep the reservoir’s water in an oligotrophic state (CTSI below 40).
    2.Set up a rooftop solar system and a rainwater collection and utilization system to reduce carbon emissions.
    3.Upgrade the central monitoring PLC system to enhance the automation of sewage treatment plant facilities and pumping stations.
    4.Establish environmental management system standards and obtain ISO 14001 certification.
    5.Establish an environmental education and learning center to help the public understand the importance of sewage treatment.

Yuanshanzi Flood Diversion

  • Project Title: Yuanshanzi Flood Diversion Facility of Keelung River
  • Execution Agency: Tenth river management branch, WRA
  • 6th Public Construction Golden Quality Awards -Award for Outstanding Performance、23rd Public Construction Golden Quality Award –Public Facility Maintenance and Management Award - Merit Award
  • Performance:Implemented 58 flood diversions, diverting a total volume of 240 million cubic meters, effectively addressing downstream flooding issues, promoting local prosperity, and accelerating urban development
    The main functions of this project are as follows:
    1.A large-scale flood diversion project, honored with the Golden Quality Excellence award.
    2.Effectively reduced downstream peak flow.
    3.Lowered downstream water levels, resulting in significant flood reduction effects.
    4.Saved approximately NT$50 billion in demolition and relocation costs.
    5.Increased property values, fostering local prosperity.

After the completion of the project, it ensures the safety of the lives and properties of two million residents.
Second Baoshan Reservoir Spillway

  • Project Title: Second Baoshan Reservoir Spillway Construction Project
  • Execution Agency: Northern Region Water Resources Office, WRA
  • 4th Public Construction Golden Quality Awards -Award for Excellence
  • Performance: After the construction of the project, Second Baoshan Reservoir Spillway provides not only an outlet channel for overflow at full storage during typhoon and extremely torrential rainfall periods, but also a solution to the domestic, public, and industrial water consumption in Hsinchu Area.

Gate Renewal Project

  • Project Title: Gate Renewal Project of Shigang Dam
  • Execution Agency: Central rdgion water resources branch, WRA
  • 2nd Award for Excellence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Performance: In line with the implementation of the Joint Utilization Plan of Daan and Dajia Rivers, the project shall enable the optimization of a minimal public construction investment to full advantage and stabilize water supply for the projected 1.78 million ton daily water consumption requirement of the greater Taichung area in year 2021.