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Tip 10: Use leftover water after food preparation for dish washing to both save water and reduce pollution from washing detergent.
Tip 11: Leftover water from dish washing, food preparation, laundry or bath could be used for car washing, floor cleaning or toilet flushing.
Tip 12: Collect and reuse wastewater from humidifier, water purifier and sterilizer.
Tip 13: Watering plant in either morning or evening when there is less sunlight and evaporation.
Tip 14: Choose plants which endure drought for gardening in separate areas according to amount of water needed, so as to adjust water usage.
Tip 15: spraying area of sprinkler system should not be outside of gardens. Part round sprinkler can be used in periphery area to spring inside.
Tip 16: Watering in accordance to weather, turn off automatic sprinkler in rainy or windy days.
Tip 17: Water plants with estimated approximate amount. Dripping irrigating is the best approach for gardening, which is carried out by dripping each individual plant, or using low flow spray devise for the whole garden.
Tip 18: When mowing lawns, one should reserve 10 to 15 mm grass roots to reduce water evaporation in soil.