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Key operations

  • Establishment of electronic river information system – establishing the river information communication platform and providing additional channels for public participation
  • Establishment of water resources information system – a service oriented framework for information exchange and communication with a single sign-on platform for data inquiry within reach of the public
  • Development of government agency accounting system and water resources operations fund accounting system – significantly simplifies accounting procedures of the WRA and its 17 affiliated offices, including 7 special budgets and operation funds
  • Development of an online official letter development and approbation system: The system shall be equipped with modular system functions; such as, official letter writing and approbation, confirmation memo writing and approbation, superintendence online approbation, offline development and approbation, and personnel substitution mechanism. Moreover, system shall contain information transmission and security features; such as using the Extensible Markup Language (XML) as the foundation for file transmission, the single sign-on service, access control features, and electronic signature, etc.
  • Implementation of the electronic application form system for duty assignment, general affairs, and accounting statements services
  • Implementation of an archive information system – storage of historical project implementation and accomplishments; establishing internet-based information storage and management, information inquiry and acquisition; access control management; and knowledge acquisition services; enabling WRA employees to peruse personal book borrowing records or reservations, book borrowing or borrowing renewal services.

Significant accomplishments

    In line with promotion of the data bank of water resources geographic information system in 2000, the Hydrological Water Resources Data Management and Supply System was established to provide data required in policy decision making and its related applied analysis, including water resources management, river management, and disaster mitigation and relief operations.
  • Award for excellence in execution performance under the establishment of National Geographic Information System (NGIS) project by the Ministry of the Interior in 2003
  • Award for outstanding IT application and Product during the IT Month in 2003
  • Report on successful case of electronic government by the Global Views Monthly Magazine in September 2005
  • Award of Excellence in Application Systems in the 2nd Gold Library Awards by Taiwan Geological Information Society in 2006
  • Reports on successful projects posted in Yahoo News in 2009
  • Invited to join the 2009 ESRI International User Conference and Virtual Map Gallery exhibit organized by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI, Inc) in the United States.

e rirver
e-River website

Hydrological Water Resources Data Management and Inquiry System
Hydrological Water Resources Data Management and Inquiry System