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Key operations

  • Optimize the website of the Water Resources Agency and expand the function modules of all the affiliated integrated service platforms on the web to achieve the goals of centralizing the information resources hierarchically. Save costs in both software and hardware while enhancing information flow and the sharing of resources.
  • Develop an employee portal for the Water Resources Agency and affiliated agencies, providing administrative support applications such as information and documents exchange among colleagues, systems single sign-on authentication and digital sign-in.
  • Integrate “the Book and Video Archives Platform” with the existing resources of Water Resources Agency, including books, audiovisuals, and commissioned project results. Continue to enrich water conservancy digital resources, collect various statistical data on the platform, and give full play to the information circulation and sharing service function.
  • The Water Conservancy Data Integration Cloud Platform serves as the exclusive channel for unified management and control of new additions, updates and uploading of open data to the government data open platform. Opening government data will promote public-private collaboration, establish a dedicated results web page, enhance administrative transparency, and advocate civic participation in river basin governance.
  • Collect hydraulic monitoring data related to water resources, rivers, flood control, agriculture, CCTV, etc., within the 'Sensor-based Water Resources Operating Platform with Internet of Things (IoT).' Additionally, provide data exchange interface applications through Web or API services.
  • Develop the E-Forms and Attendance System, Documents Online Approval System, Ordinary Government Accounting System, Water Resources Operation Fund Accounting System, and Cashier System aims to significantly simplify relevant administrative procedures.

Significant accomplishments

The Water Resources Agency (WRA) has collaborated with cross-agency and civil society organizations to participate in the Presidential Hackathon International Track. The 2021 theme is “Clean Water, Food and Land for All,” and the 2022 theme is “Beautiful Water–Fighting for Clear, Clean, and Carbon-free Water for All.” Both proposals achieved outstanding team results.

Through public-private collaboration, an exclusive results website has been established to make data open and transparent, enhance value-added applications and promote the effectiveness of river basin governance.