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Taiwan's Lithium Battery Exports Surged by 86.1% from January to May 2022(Source:MOEA)2022-06-30
ITRI and UCLA to Collaborate on World-Leading Memory Technology Development(Source:MOEA)2022-06-28
Fulfilling corporate social responsibility, ASE Holdings invested NTD 250 million to set up a social...(Source:MOEA)2022-06-27
Stable Water Supply Throughout Taiwan, TWC Calls on All to Cherish Water Resources(Source:MOEA)2022-06-24
Technology Industrial Park (TIP) assesses for enterprises to save energy and reduce carbon emissions...(Source:MOEA)2022-06-24
Sales of Wholesale, Retail and Food Services in May 2022(Source:MOEA)2022-06-23
Industrial Production Index in May 2022(Source:MOEA)2022-06-23
MOEAIC Website will be unavailable from 6/25/22, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm(Source:MOEA)2022-06-23
New Standard (CNS 18646-2) Published for Performance Criteria and Test Method for Navigation of Mobi...(Source:MOEA)2022-06-22
Shopping for Dragon Boat Festival? Accuracy of Weighing Scales for Commercial Use Assured(Source:MOEA)2022-06-21
Export Orders in May 2022(Source:MOEA)2022-06-20
Taiwan FDI Statistics Summary Analysis (May 2022)(Source:MOEA)2022-06-20
Taiwan-Israel economic and technological conference achieves positive outcomes, including promoting ...(Source:MOEA)2022-06-16
TTRI's RFID Yarn: New Method for Data Management and Application wins Gold at the 2022 Edison Awards(Source:MOEA)2022-06-16
Summary of Trade Statistics in May 2022(Source:MOEA)2022-06-15