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Analysis of trademark applications and the trend in business development in the past decade(Source:MOFA)2020-07-10
Air Liquide Far Eastern holds groundbreaking ceremony for new plant(Source:MOEA)2020-07-09
Energy Supply and Consumption Decreased in Q1 2020 Due to the Impact of COVID-19(Source:MOEA)2020-07-02
Sales of Wholesale, Retail and Food Services in May 2020(Source:MOEA)2020-06-23
Industrial Production Index in May 2020(Source:MOEA)2020-06-23
Statistical News: Export Orders in May 2020(Source:MOEA)2020-06-20
Taiwan FDI Statistics Summary Analysis ( May 2020)(Source:MOEA)2020-06-20
Six investors were approved to station in the Export Processing Zones. The total six investment appl...(Source:MOEA)2020-06-19
[2020 Edison Awards] ITRI's Innovative Adhesive Solution Celluad Took Home a Gold in the 2020 Edison...(Source:MOEA)2020-06-19
[2020 Edison Awards] Smart manufacturing technology for the fastener industry (SMTFI)(Source:MOEA)2020-06-19
[2020 Edison Awards] A New Star in Treatment to Fight Cancer: ITRI's iKNOBEADS Named a 2020 Edison ...(Source:MOEA)2020-06-19
[2020 Edison Awards] Simulated the logic of ants, developed the greater helper for Industry 4.0 auto...(Source:MOEA)2020-06-19
[2020 Edison Awards] Scooter2Infra Safety System(Source:MOEA)2020-06-19
TSC: not chopping down all the trees overnight, only partial afforested farmland back to agricultura...(Source:MOEA)2020-06-18
Bosch eBike Systems opts to locate Asia Pacific headquarters in Taichung(Source:MOEA)2020-06-17