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Tip 19: To increase water permeation and storage capacity, one can mix into soil with garden soil modification, moist medium or moisture-keeping polymer (such as wood saw dust, unhusked rice and charcoal blended with mud).
Tip 20: Garden can be covered by weeds, tree barks, wood saw dust, or gravel to reduce water evaporation in soil as well as soil erosion.
Tip 21: Control amount of laundry and dish washing, avoid too much or too less washing in washing machine or dish washer.
Tip 22: Laundry time should be moderated according to clothing materials: five minutes for wool and chemical fibers; ten minutes for cotton and linen; 12 minutes for heavily stained material.
Tip 23: Choose washing machine with be equipped with automatic water moderator. Drying function should be set before washing to save both water amount and time.
Tip 24: The water flow should be continual when many are taking showers in order to save the amount before hot water supply.
Tip 25: When taking showers, one can save the cold water prior to hot water for flushing toilet.
Tip 26: Locate rainwater saving facility on the roof to collect rainwater for watering plants, washing cars and flushing toilet.
Tip 27: Companies, factories or schools should set up mid waterway system to regulate domestic wastewater up to certain quality standard for reuse in watering plants, damping sports field, cleaning restroom, or extinguishing fire.