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Water Resources Agency Functions and Responsibilities
Comprehensive Planning Division Water resources policies and laws,organizational planning,climate change,water resources industry,sustainable development of water resources,management and review of administrative plans,development of water resources technologies, and international cooperation
Water Resources Management Division Water resources development, management, and regulation
River and Coast Division River and drainage improvement, coast protection, flood mitigation planning, and river environment improvement
Water Administration Division Water laws and regulations, water rights registration, and managements of rivers, drainages, and coastal dikes
Conservation and Utility Division Reservoir storage area management(including protection buffer zone), water saving, administration of hot spring enterprises, water supply enterprises; Planning, conservation, compensation, management, and supervision of regions dedicated for water quality and  quality protection
Hydrology Division Hydrological observations of surface water, groundwater, and coastal water, prevention and treatment of land subsidence, and development of deep-sea water technologies
Water Disaster Mitigation Division Flood and drought disaster mitigation and relief
Construction Division Water engineering works, supervision, construction management,and regulation
Land Management Division Construction land acquisition, water resources land user management, and spatial planning for water environment plan
Secretariat Administrative and general affairs, disbursements and receipts, and supervision and review of administrative procedures
Personnel Office Development of organizational systems, personnel employment and discharge, reward and discipline , and welfare affairs management
Civil Service Ethics Office Prevention and investigation of government ethics violation,general government ethics
Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office Preliminary budget, estimation and planning, settlement of accounts, and statistics of revenues and expenditures
Information Office System management and information service


Affiliated Agencies
Water Resources Branch(Northern, Central, and Southern Region) Management of regional water resources, water rights, reservoir operations,and watershed conservation
River Management Branch(First to Tenth) Management and regulation of river under central government jurisdication and regional drainages crossing city-county boundaries; Flood control and emergency response
Taipei Water Management Branch Land use control,watershed management, and improvement with maintenance of environment and water quality of Qingtan Water Quality and Quantity Protection Area along Xindian River    
Water Resources Planning Branch Investigation,planning,research,and analysis of water resources engineering projects