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Tip1: For new resident building, please use six-liter water saving toilet, water-consuming toilet could be supplemented by two stage flush set.
Tip2: For checking on water leaking of toilets, one should first close intake triangle valve to see if water level is ever lowering down. Use water stopping rubber caps instead immediately when leaking happen.
Tip3: Change urine flush into automatic sensory to control proper amount of flushing.
Tip4: For controlling water overflow of showerhead or water tap, water control gadget should be replaced.
Tip5: Replace rubber valve faucet with precised ceramic valve faucet to reduce leaking and prolong duration of tap use.
Tip6: Make sure tap is closed when not in use for water conservation.
Tip7: Regular inspection on leaking of water tank, reservoir, and water tube splice joint.
Tip8: Use shower more often as well as low flow shower-head (shower time should be no more than five minutes.)
Tip9: Use proper amount of water in the sink for dish washing, food preparation, and laundry instead of flushing directly under taps.