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2020 The 4th International Forum on Presidential Innovation Award(Source:MOEA)2021-03-12
2020 Getfresh Award Ceremony(Source:MOEA)2021-03-12
The first among state-owned enterprises! Taipower launches podcast to make the "audio" power knowled...(Source:MOEA)2021-03-09
Training Program Promotes Business Opportunities and Exchanges between Taiwan and Malaysia(Source:MOEA)2021-03-08
Developing power sources and stabilizing power supply Taipower to issue the first phase of unsecured...(Source:MOEA)2021-03-08
Official Announcement of the 2021 Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) Rates for Renewable Energy Electric Power(Source:MOEA)2021-03-08
Completion after 18 years! The Banqiao-Longtan EHV Line 1 is up and running. With much gratitude to ...(Source:MOEA)2021-03-06
TSC Million has set up local pineapple in-store displays; come and try them out!(Source:MOEA)2021-03-05
MOEA Invites citizens to Discuss 10 Indicators of Energy Transition Promotion Performance(Source:MOEA)2021-03-04
TSC supports Taiwan's pineapples, to develop new processed products and set up in-store display...(Source:MOEA)2021-03-01
Inviting Participation in Upcoming Seminars on the Current Status of International Economy and Trade...(Source:MOEA)2021-02-26
The hidden semiconductor champions, WinWay Technology Co., Ltd.'s new plant was broken ground i...(Source:MOEA)2021-02-26
Sales of Wholesale, Retail and Food Services in January 2021(Source:MOEA)2021-02-25
Industrial Production Index in January 2021(Source:MOEA)2021-02-25
BSMI and the Consumers Foundation Collaboratively Published Test Results of Infant Bath Tubs on the ...(Source:MOEA)2021-02-22