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Key operations

  • Planning, announcement, and management of rivers under central government jurisdiction, regional drainage systems, and sea dikes and their respective boundaries
  • Establishment and supervision of regulations and plans for dredging and gravel exploitation operations at rivers and drainages
  • Formulation and supervision of regulations governing the management of hydraulic structure construction, reconstruction, and demolition
  • Formulation and supervision of management system and plan for well drilling industry
  • Establishment, implementation, and supervision of illegal wells management
  • Formulation, implementation, and supervision of land subsidence prevention proposals and groundwater conservation management plans
  • Planning and announcement of groundwater control zones and severe land subsidence zones
  • Promulgation, amendment, and interpretation of groundwater control related laws

Key tasks

  • Management of rivers, drainages, and regular sea dikes:
    1. Evaluation, establishment, amendment, and interpretation of river, drainage, and sea dike management laws, orders, and administrative regulations
    2. Establishment of river, drainage, and sea dike management information system to enable automatic, instantaneous, and statistical management of information, thereby enhancing efficiency of management and realizing modern management operations
    3. Supervision of river, drainage, and sea dike management conducted by the River Management Offices, especially on forbidden and restricted behaviors subjected to government authorization
    4. Organization of education and training programs for management personnel to enhance practical knowledge, ability, and application of law and regulation
    5. Application of satellite remote sensing technology for reporting land use variation to control infractions
    6. Assistance in implementation of fugitive dust control and industrial waste management with environmental landscaping concepts
  • Dredging and management of sand and gravel:
    1. Acceleration of dredging operations at rivers and drainages
    2. Improvement of sand and gravel management system
    3. Enhancing functions of monitoring center and management of the center for equipment confiscation
  • Groundwater Management:
    1. Promotion of well-drilling industry management system
    2. Supervise local governments in the management of regulated wells
    3. Coordinated division of labor, promotion and execution of groundwater conservation management and land-subsidence prevention and reclamation work
    4.Groundwater control zone delimitation and announcement