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Key operations

  • Establishment of flood and drought disaster mitigation and response operation plan and system
  • Formulation and implementation of flood disaster mitigation and response promotion plan
  • Processing of motions, operations, and presentation of flood and drought disaster reports in disaster mitigation and response related meetings
  • Establishment of emergency water disaster response system; supervision of education and training for water disaster mitigation, rescue, and relief operations; and supervision of drills for flood control and drought relief operations
  • Implementation and execution of National Science and Technology Program for Hazards Mitigation
  • Supervision of equipment inspection and preparedness for flood control and drought relief conducted by city and county governments and WRA affiliated offices
  • Establishment and maintenance of early warning software and hardware systems for water disaster mitigation
  • Related operations and measures in response to earthquake and other disasters

Disaster mitigation and information reporting

  • Reporting through APP: the public may report current disaster conditions through the Flood Status Reporting Platform for the Public and Flood Control Volunteers
  • Reporting by phone: The public may call the flood control hotlines of local river management offices to report status of disaster
  • Unit Flood control hotline Unit Flood control hotline
    1st River Management Office 0800-324031 6th River Management Office 0800-022266
    2nd River Management Office 0800-017276 7th River Management Office


    3rd River Management Office


    8th River Management Office 0800-333667
    4th River Management Office 0800-200699 9th River Management Office 0800-081999
    5th River Management Office 0800-015237 10th River Management Office 0800-037885
  • Potential inundation maps: Information is available on the website of Water Resources Agency for disaster mitigation information services. (Website:

Potential inundation maps1Potential inundation maps2Potential inundation maps3