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Key operations

  • Continued implementation of policy planning and development of foresighted water resources policies
  • Timely amendment of the Water Act and reinforcement of the legal system
  • Efficiency enhancement of organizations in line with government organizational reform and restructuring
  • Strengthening educational training and reinforcing of know-how and skills
  • Active promotion of international cooperation and technology upgrade with broader international perspectives
  • Implementation of water resources technology development with foresight, innovation, and enhancement of application efficiency
  • Promotion of researches on technologies related to climate change and establishment of adaptation strategies for water resources systems in response to the impact of climatic change
  • Promotion of research and development of technology in water recycle and reuse in order to establish a water-recycling based society
  • Enhancement of water resources project evaluation and management to ensure the quality and performance of project implementation
  • Enhancement of publicity programs and public relations, thereby manifesting the accomplishments of the water resources administration

Important projects and achievements

  • The technology research and development project: “Research on Adaptation Strategies in Response to the Impact of Climate Change on the Water Environment”:
  • Completion and certification of the water reclamation pilot plant in Nanzi Export Processing Zone have set a milestone in the campaign for integrated industrial wastewater reclamation with daily soft water production of 1,800 tons and water quality better than domestic water supply.