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Regulation principles and work distribution

  • The catchment area of Shimen Reservoir is about 76,340 hectares. In order for the regulation project to cover the upstream catchment area, the reservoir storage area and the downstream water supply region, a comprehensive strategy has been proposed to extend the reservoirs’ lifespan and stabilize the quality of water supply in Taoyuan Area.
    Upstream Catcment
    Area: Conservation and regulation of water catchment area
    1.Disaster Management
    2.Monitoring and management of water and soil conservation
    3.Conservation of environmental resources at hillside slopes
    4.Ecology and environment conservation
    • Land use management
    • Monitoring of land use, environment, ecology, and disaster mitigation
    • Conservation of reservoir catchment area
    • Education and promotion of conversation and disaster mitigation
    Total cost:8.855 billion TWD
    • Council of Indigenous Peoples
    • Ministry of the interior
    • Ministry of Transportation and Communications
    • Council of Agriculture
    • water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
    • Local governments
    Reservoir Storage
    Area: Renewal and improvement of reservoir and emergency water supply project
    1.Improvement of water intake capability at reservoir
    2.1ncrease of reservoir capacity
    3.Post-disaster recovery and reconstruction
    • Increase capability of emergency water pumping at top of dam
    • Emergency repair of permanent outlets to the power plant and the river channel
    • Additional installation of water-intake facilities
    • Improvement of afterbay, auxiliary storage pool, and in-channel artificial lake
    • Additional installation of sediment control facilities at reservoirs
    • 12 sub-projects including improvement works on sediment control capabilities of existing facilities
    Total cost:11.195 billion TWD
    • Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
    Downstream Water
    Supply Region:Improvement of water, supply stabilization facilities and major pipelines
    1.Extend capabilities of water treatment plants
    2.Increase reservoir’s emergency water supply capacity
    3.Increase capacity of mutual support for each water supply district
    • Improvement of Jianshan pressure relay station
    • Addition of a raw water storage pool with 500,000 tons of capacity for Shimen water treatment plant
    • Expansion of Longtan water treatment plant
    • Project of water supply from Dahan River to Taoyuan area (including connecticn between Northem and Southem Taoyuan)
    • Taoyuan-Hsinchu two-way water supply project
    Total cost:4.95 billion TWD
    • Taiwan Water Corporation

Project content

  • Project duration: 2006~2013 (Divided into 2 phases: Phase 1 from 2006 to 2009; Phase 2 from 2009 to 2013)
  • Total investment: Up to 25 billion TWD (Phase 1: 13.97 billion TWD; Phase 2: 11.03 billion TWD)
  • Project contents: The project consists of 3 sub-projects, namely conservation and regulation of upstream reservoir catchment area, renewal and improvement of emergency water supply at reservoir storage area, and improvement of water supply stabilization facilities and major pipelines at downstream water supply region.
  • Work distribution: The Ministry of Economic Affairs would be the competent authority from the central government for overall project management. Ministries and commissions with respective compiled budgets would be given responsibility from the central government for project execution. Local executive authorities include New Taipei City, Taoyuan County, Hsinchu County, and Yilan County governments.

Projected benefits

  • Increase water supply capability during typhoons and floods in the short term to ensure water supply at all districts during the flood-prone area.
  • The mid to long-term goals include improvement of reservoir water intake capability, reduction of reservoir siltation, increase capability of auxiliary water supply, mitigation of disaster and lost at the catchment area, maintenance of stable water supply, extend lifespan of reservoir, thus ensuring the public’s rights of access to water supply.

Shimen Reservoir
Shimen Reservoir

Installation of control room for stratified water intake operation at Shimen Reservoir
Installation of control room for stratified water intake operation at Shimen Reservoir