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Project background
After Typhoon Morakot 2009, there was substantial increase in accumulated siltation at Zengwen and Nanhua Reservoirs (total siltation of about 110 million m3). Severe landslides and debris flow at the upstream catchment areas have greatly lowered the capability for water resources conservation and water supply capacity of reservoirs. This seriously affected the stability of water supply in the southern region which required immediate actions to accelerate conservation of catchment areas, desiltation of reservoir storage areas, and renewal and upgrade of facilities. There were also apparent needs to develop dispatch and backup water supply systems and water sources for the stability of mid-term water supply and extension of reservoir service life in the southern region during the post-disaster period. A water supply stabilization plan was therefore defined under the provisions of the “Special Act for Management of Zengwen, Nanhua, and Wushantou Reservoirs and Stabilizing Water Supply conditions in Southern Area”. The bill was submitted to the Executive Yuan for ratification and has been implemented.

Project objectives and delegation of duties

Work items
Details of operations
Enforcement agency
Reservoir catchment area conservation and regulation
  • Realization of proper land management
  • Strengthening of disaster mitigation monitoring at catchment areas
  • Acceleration of conservation and regulation at catchment area
  • Implementation of conservation and disaster mitigation publicity plans
12.204 billion TWD
  • Ministry of the interior
  • Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  • Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
  • Taiwan Water Corporation
  • Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Chiayi Cowry, Tainan and Kaohsiung City Government
Reservoir facility renewal and improvement with siltation management
  • Renewal and siltation mitigation measures for existing hydraulic facilities
  • Removal of driftwoods and silt
  • Installation of additional facilities for flood and siltation mitigation
  • Improvement of water supply facilities
16.551 billion TWD
  • Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Taiwan Water Corporation
  • Chia-Nan Irrigation Association
Upgrade of dispatch and backup water supply systems
  • Groundwater backup and dispatch system with preliminary treatment of raw water from Donggang River
  • Improvement of water intake and transfer and water source dispatching measures
7.514 billion TWD
  • Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Taiwan Water Corporation
Development of new water sources
  • Water recyclina and reuse measures for wastewater treatment plant
  • Ligang well restoration project
  • Artificial lake and water source development
17.731 billion TWD
  • Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Taiwan Water Corporation

Plan period:2010~2015
Budget source:
Water Resources Operation Fund 10.0 billion TWD
Special Budget for Economic Revitalization 28.5 billion TWD
Initial budget allocation of the respective agencies 15.5 billion TWD

Budget source
Budget source

Projected benefits

  • To ensure facility safety and extend reservoir service life, the project aims to reduce sediment production at the catchment areas, reduce siltation and driftwood accumulation at the reservoir storage area, and enhance capacity for flood and siltation control of reservoirs.
  • In addition, the project is expected to strengthen the water source dispatching and backup capacity and provide diversified water sources development for the stabilization of mid-term water supply requirements of the southern region.
zengwen reservoir
Zengwen Reservoir

nanhua reservoir 
Nanhua Reservoir