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EPZA collaborates with Lite-On Technology and NXP Semiconductors to initiate the "Digital Trans...(Source:MOEA)2021-12-20
Export Orders in November 2021(Source:MOEA)2021-12-20
Taiwan FDI Statistics Summary Analysis (November 2021)(Source:MOEA)2021-12-20
Minister receives visiting French National Assembly delegation(Source:MOEA)2021-12-16
Ministry of Economic Affairs Promotes Science and Technology Application in Indigenous Towns, Advanc...(Source:MOEA)2021-12-16
Economic and Trade Cooperation Between Taiwan and Canada Focused on Technological Innovation, Electr...(Source:MOEA)2021-12-15
Summary of Trade Statistics in November 2021(Source:MOEA)2021-12-15
Smart Machinery Overseas Promotion Project Utilizes Digital Marketing Tools(Source:MOEA)2021-12-15
Merck Group announces the largest-ever investment in Taiwan(Source:MOEA)2021-12-14
TSC Shanhua sugar factory operates on Dec 14 to produce the first traceable sugar(Source:MOEA)2021-12-14
Industry Collaborative Patent Interview Pilot Program Takes Effect Nov. 1, 2021(Source:MOEA)2021-12-13
The BOFT Holds Seminar to Assist Businesses Respond to Climate Change (Source:MOEA)2021-12-10
Advice on Coping with COP26 Outcomes(Source:MOEA)2021-12-10
Strengthen the cybersecurity communication and improve protection awareness among Taiwan, U.S. indus...(Source:MOEA)2021-12-09
BSMI and Department of Consumer Protection, Executive Yuan, Jointly Released Test Results of Wireles...(Source:MOEA)2021-12-09