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I. The government should allocate funds to promote wise management and governance for protection of reservoir catchment area. Flood prevention and water-friendly environment should be considered at the same time to promote green infrastructure and urban flood detention. Construction of sewage pipe system should be sped up and the control of non-point source pollution and the measures of total maximum daily loads should be implemented to build a sponge city for sustainable development.
II. As we work to improve and renovate water environment, we should also pay attention to protect the natural ecological system through the mechanism of ecological compensation. We should also work to enhance coastal management to manage and protect coastal environment, and maintain biodiversity in all river habitats and prevent coastal erosion.
III. Innovative water environment education to educate students of all levels from primary school to college and to ensure businesses and the general public understand the importance of water environment and support the government’s policies to protect the water environment.
Short-term action plan:
I. Ensure that school curriculum should include environment education of water resources within two years.
II. Improve environmental safety and landscaping of rivers and coast within two years and improve the public awareness about the importance of the water environment.
III. Review all conservation and protection measures for reservoir catchment area within one years; Propose conservation implementation plans for important reservoirs within two years.