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I. The public sector has to take a practical approach to face the challenges of extreme weather events and compound disasters caused by climate change. The new thinking of water management includes cross-regional integration and river basin management, so flood water can be distributed. Hence, we need to promote land conservation, water resources conservation for better water management.
II. We need to promote runoff distribution and outflow control; hence, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, Council of Agriculture and local governments should collaborate and coordinate on regulatory, technical and systematic aspects to develop the mechanism for reviewing and auditing of development plans and improve risk management, so we can build resilient cities.
III. We need to restructure governmental agencies to incorporate the thinking of river basin management for better coordination and integration of competent authorities governing land and water resources and relevant matters, promotion of comprehensive river basin governance, conservation and management and implementation of river basin management policies.
IV. Flood management and disaster prevention technology should utilize ICT and Internet of Things (IoT) to scale up the application and services of such technology, cultivate business in relevant field, encourage public participation and promote water business for better competitiveness in the international market.

Short-term action plan:
I. All relevant governmental agencies should review relevant laws and regulations within one year to ensure that revised regulations can simplify procedures for better understanding. Within two years, all relevant laws and regulations should be revised to incorporate the concepts in response to climate change and national spatial planning.
II. All measures relevant to river governance, regional drainage, coastal protection and wetland protection should be reviewed and assessed within two years to follow the procedures of national spatial planning operation.
III. Technology should be applied to strengthen urban disaster defense capacity and promote water business for the international market.